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Small Steps in Black Birkenstocks

Logline: Going online to find love has its complications for Lori, a lesbian, and alone, after losing her life partner. With an unlikely group of friends and a vindictive ex egging her on, Lori backs into the surprisingly hilarious complications of modern-day courtship.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Turquoise Boots

Logline: Recovering from a bitter quarrel with her girlfriend, Lauren, she is so haunted by memories of one youthful summer trip, she leaves her East Coast professorship and journeys to the Colorado town of Nederland, where poignant memories about a family secret will alter her life.

Genre: romance/adventure

Milkweed Manor

Logline: An older woman in an assisted living facility finds purpose and love just as her well-meaning daughter attempts to move her to a different state.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Tea Girls

Logline: A retired university dean, a gay Professor of Art, an angry but witty songwriter, a lonely lesbian, and a dog crazed nurse call themselves the Tea Girls who watch each other's back. When one of the Tea Girls falls headfirst into the dark world of a professional con artist, they take on guerilla tactics in order to rescue their companion.

Genre: T.V. Pilot

Not Your Mama Roller Derby

Not Your Mama's Roller Derby probes deep to answer questions that neophytes want to know about roller derby as what drives women to skate and is it a dangerous sport? Yes, it's not your mama's roller derby—there's no alligator pits or staged fights—but roller derby is much more-- it's titillating, edgy. And totality misunderstood.

Not Your Mama's Roller Derby Trailer

Sappho's Fire

Sappho's Fire offers us to understand the journey that all of us must travel and the ways in which to reclaim one's older life. By following the stories of older lesbians who live in New England, viewers come to understand the deep-seated and often impenetrable fears of growing older without the certainty of family support or sufficient economic investment to obtain an appropriate retirement. What slowly unravels in Sappho's Fire is the complexity of calling oneself 'old' and the expression of this stage of life as a lesbian.

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TransJourney explores new ways to perceive identity, family, and belonging. It's a journey of 3 women whose stories intertwine, a mentor, a mother, and the woman who left her life as a biological man to become Annabelle. After Annabelle's transition. Sandra embarks on a cross-country road trip from Rhode Island to Seattle to meet her "new" daughter and to bring herself a little closer to Annabelle's new world. It's a world of support, of mentors like the older transgender woman Shannon. And it's a world of love with partner Lara.

TransJourney is more than just a trans*story; it's a story about how as people, we can learn from each other and celebrate all of our identities so that we can live authentic lives.

--Chris Lauth, Former Assistant Director of the Diversity Programs, Office of Intercultural Student Engagement, Rhode Island School of Design

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