TransJourney explores new ways to perceive identity, family, and belonging. It's a journey of 3 women whose stories intertwine, a mentor, a mother, and the woman who left her life as a biological man to become Annabelle. After Annabelle's transition. Sandra embarks on a cross-country road trip from Rhode Island to Seattle to meet her "new" daughter and to bring herself a little closer to Annabelle's new world. It's a world of support, of mentors like the older transgender woman Shannon. And it's a world of love with partner Lara.

The TransJourney Women

Meet Annabelle: Only 30, Annabelle has completed her transition as a woman and works as a software developer at Amazon in downtown Seattle. Articulate and savvy, she exudes power and corporate success. But she's also stylish and down to-earth and full of geek knowledge, just ask her how many actors have played Doctor Who over the years. Annabelle now dates Lara, a lesbian of Scandinavian descent. Lara is charming and simply adores Annabelle.

Meet Shannon: She is not easily boxed into any idea of what it is to be a transgender person: a passionate nature lover and photographer, last fall she camped alone in a tent in Yellowstone National Park. Much older than Annabelle, Shannon faces health issues but has begun her own preparation for reconstructive surgery. Her "real" family members, including her two children, have not accepted her identity as a woman. But she's also spiritual and serves as a mother figure for many other younger transgender women, including Annabelle.

Meet Sandra: Annabelle's mother Sandra embodies a mother bear who is devoted to her cubs. A retired Director of Human Resources for a Chicago suburban municipality, she now spends her time driving from Rhode Island to Massachusetts to babysit for her daughter, Sara's children and advocating for the LGBTQ community. A liberal Catholic with a big heart, she insists that everyone, including her daughter, be accepted for who they are.

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